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Phosphate Blend for Meat

Phosphate Blend for Meat

Blended phosphates provide a synergistic effect in seafood, meat and noodles to improve the end product’s texture and binding properties.

They are used in raw and cooked shrimp, meat sausages, salami, surimi, meatballs, fish fillets and chicken. They are also used in noodles.

The advantages of using phosphates in food processing are:
- Enhanced retention of juices during freezing and storage
- Denaturation of proteins is prevented
- Colour of the product is stabilised
- Minimised loss while cooking
- Improved texture and appearance
  • Details

    Packing and storage:
    25kg in carton box
    Store in a cool and dry place (approx. 20℃)
    Best before 36 months after date of production
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