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Reaction Savoury Flavour - Bacon

Reaction Savoury Flavour - Bacon

We offer a range of processed flavours ideally suited for use as a building block for composite flavour preparations, savoury blends and seasoning and as the characterising flavour in soups, sauces, gravies and bouillons.

The process flavours are produced by using the controlled Maillard reaction of selected, high quality substrates. Our flavour is GMO FREE and High heat Resistant.

Our Range includes:

1) Chicken
2) Beef and lamb
3) Pork, Ham and Bacon
4) Seafood
5) Bouillons and stocks
6) Vegetable and Mushroom
  • Details

    Packing and storage:
    25kg in carton boxes
    Best temperature for storage is below 20℃, keep ventilated and dry.
    Shelf life is 24 months at max 20℃
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