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Speciality blends for the Seafood Industry

Speciality blends for the Seafood Industry

The development and production of compounds blend based on the individual functional ingredients such as hydrocolloids, protein and emulsifier.

The various ingredients of the compounds interact with strong synergistic effect as a stabilising and emulsifier system to produce cured fish products, cooked fish products and shellfish.
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    The stabilizing systems have different effects on the digestion and muscle enzymes and on the swelling, coagulation and denaturing of the muscle protein.

    By using this stabilizer, the desired texture and flavour can be achieved depend on the salting and marinating process.

    Packing and storage:
    25kg in paper bag
    Best temperature for storage is below 25℃, keep ventilated and dry.
    Shelf life is 12 months.
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