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Spice Blend/Seasoning for Processed Meats

Spice Blend/Seasoning for Processed Meats

Our classic sausage flavourings and decorative spices from Germany serve to produce superior products that stand out, both visually and in terms of taste.

From regional specialities such as the classic Thuringian sausage to international trends such as merguez, chorizos, Bratwurst, our seasonings range is suitable for all varieties of raw, fermented and cooked sausage, hams and cold cuts.

Our Product range includes:

1)Bratwurst FF/Grill Sausage FF
2)Wiener Export Sausage
3)Thuringer Rostbratwurst
4)Munish Style Sausage
5)Cold cut

All products are manufactured using the most modern production facilities, including a special blending unit fitted with spraying and temperature devices to ensure homogeneous dispersion of each ingredient in seasoning. This is to ensure a consistently high quality.
  • Details

    Packing and storage:
    20kg in a carton box.
    Best temperature for storage is below 20℃, keep ventilated and dry.
    Shelf life is 24 months.
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