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Textured Soy Protein  (TVP)

Textured Soy Protein (TVP)

Our textured soy protein is made from high quality Non-GMO soybeans, produced through peel, degrease, extraction, expanding, high-temperature and high press, widely used in the processing of  meat products such as burger patties and also in vegetarian products.
  • Details


    With protein content greater than 50%, our textured soy protein has good water absorption and oil preserving characteristics and a fibrous structure.

    Tasting like meat, it is an ideal high protein ingredient for meat products. This can increase the output capacity of products, reduce product costs, and provide water preserving capabilities at a ratio of 1:3.


    20kg in Kraft paper bags

    Transportation and Storage:

    To be stored in a dry & cool place away from sunlight, best storage temperature: below 25℃
    Shelf life: 12 month
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